C Nutrition Facts That May Surprise You

The latest buzz in the weight loss and dieting is the combination of Vitamin C and weight loss. There has been much media hype concerning the use of Vitamin C for weight loss. Some companies have even labeled it as a weight loss vitamin. So, what are the weight watchers points of view on the matter?

c nutrition facts


First, let's look at the facts. There are many sources of Vitamin C on the internet. Many of them refer to it as a powerful antioxidant that helps in weight loss. And it is true that Vitamin C does have some benefits when consumed in the right quantities. But these sources of Vitamin C are not the only facts you need to know about Vitamin C.

Vitamin C does have some real benefits in terms of being a weight loss vitamin. It can help boost your metabolism. However, too much Vitamin C in your system will cause you to gain weight rather quickly. You don't want to go overboard, of course. You want to make sure you get your daily recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. In fact, you should be getting more Vitamin C than you think you are.

The second fact you should know is that Vitamin C does not prevent cancer. It is not a vitamin that fights cancer. In fact, Vitamin C does not fight disease either. It works to reduce the damage done by free radicals.

Third, Vitamin C does not improve your vision. It can actually make your eyesight to become worse. This is due to the fact that Vitamin C also limits the ability of antioxidants to remove built up toxins in the body. If you take Vitamin C in excess, this can lead to impaired vision.

The fourth fact you need to know is that Vitamin C can actually increase your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. It may help control your condition but it is not a reliable way for long term weight loss. Actually, there are other powerful and effective ways to control your blood sugar levels. You just have to look for them. And remember that you should always consult your doctor before taking any medication or diet plan.

And the fifth most important Vitamin C fact you need to know is that it only provides you with a temporary effect when it comes to weight loss. Yes, that's it. Vitamin C won't dramatically cut your waistline until you stop eating foods high in fat. Once you do that, your body stores some of its reserves as fat. You can use Vitamin C for weight loss in the short term only. If you want long term success, you should go for diets that provide you with natural foods that boost your metabolism and burn fat.

As you can see, most Vitamin C nutrition facts are not supportive at all. In fact, they can even make your health worse. Why waste time eating food that doesn't help you? Just find diet plans that contain natural foods that provide your body with essential nutrients in balanced proportions. These nutrients can be easily found in fruits and vegetables.

And what about those "natural" weight loss products that claim to be based on Vitamin C? If they are not based on a true vitamin, then they are nothing but scams. No one has proved the effectiveness of vitamins for weight loss. So why risk your health on these products?

The fact is, you should never take any type of nutritional supplement without checking with your doctor first. Not all vitamin supplements are safe for you. Some can give you unpleasant symptoms like headaches, nausea, skin disorders and even fever. Others can cause serious problems like an irreversible disease, kidney failure and even death. So, the bottom line is - you should always double check the ingredients of any supplement. This way, you will get the most reliable information about its potential hazards.

There are different types of vitamin supplements available in the market today. Most people tend to go for those that come in tablet form. If you have trouble swallowing tablets, then opt for liquid vitamins. They are easily absorbed by your stomach. But keep in mind that liquid supplements are not as efficient as the solid ones.

If you want to find out more about vitamin supplements, then read some of nutrition facts. You can also talk to your doctor to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients. Remember that it is important to take in enough nutrients for you to achieve your ideal weight. You do not need to be overweight just to lose weight. Be healthy and get in shape - it's your choice.