JetBlue Mint Class Suites

JetBlue Mint Class Suites

JetBlue has rebuilt its Mint class from the ground up, giving every Mint 2.0 passenger an individual suite. JetBlue started the revamp with a mockup, inviting clients to try it out and observing, instead of asking questions. This lead to a design focus on use patterns, making the space as efficient — and comfortable — as possible. The comfort comes from memory foam-topped lay-flat seats, a 17-inch display, laptop shelf, wireless charging, and residential materials. The even larger Mint studio adds another tray table, coat hanging area, and a reclining seat for other Mint customers that converts into a large bed. Mint is available on flights from JFK-to-London Heathrow, JFK-to-Gatwick, and JFK-to-LAX on the Airbus A321neo.